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Artwork Ideas for Logo


Our current logo.
The emphasis is on Pure Health but also includes Acupuncture and the tagline “A Natural Healing and Wellness Center” to help people understand who we are and what we do.
We do like our current design but it feels a little plain. It may just need a little help with the lettering and a little artwork like the Abundant Life Acupuncture logo below to bring it to life.


A simple design we like.
The design is simple to read, looks professional, and includes a little art to help bring the words to life.
We’re open to a fresh start with a new design that feels like this one.


Another design we like.
We’re also open to a design like this. We like the middle example with the artwork to the left of the wording (instead of on top of the wording) but the symbol is too big relative to the company name.


Our office lobby. To give you an idea of the feel of our office.