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Chronic Low Back Pain over 2 Years

I’ve had lower back pain for over 2 years. I’ve tried everything from Chiropractor to massage therapy, exercises, hot and cold treatments and I might get relief for a day or so but then right back with the pain.  Then I discovered Pure Health Acupuncture with Chris Leininger, DACM.

My first appointment I knew I was in the right place for the care I needed to relieve my back pain. The entire office is wonderful. They listen to you and in no way make you feel rushed. I felt completely comfortable at my first visit and was very encouraged for my treatment plan.I’ve had 2 acupuncture appointments with Dr. Chris and I was relieved of my back pain after only one treatment!

I highly recommend Pure Health Acupuncture, Dr. Chris Leininger and his staff. Like me you’ll be asking yourself why didn’t I go sooner!!

Pain free now for over a week I am so grateful!