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Frozen Shoulder

I developed frozen shoulder and within weeks I had near zero range of motion and complete loss of strength in that arm.  I tried icing to no avail.

Dr. Leininger employed a combination of acupuncture techniques and created an herbal formula for home use.  Within four treatments my shoulder was in great form.  I noticed a difference after the first

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I was experiencing tinnitus for several months when I heard about Pure Health Acupuncture and made an appointment.  I had received no answers from my doctors about what to do.  A medication they prescribed I believe is what caused my suffering to begin with.  From the very first time I came to Pure Health everyone treated me with full attention. 

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Chronic Post Surgical Pain

I had a face and neck lift six years ago which left me with chronic pain and required me to be on medication with bad side effects. When I met Dr. Leininger he was very attentive and really listened to my concerns. He is very professional, knowledgeable in his expertise of acupuncture. After the first treatment I had immediate pain

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Morning Sickness

I am very thankful for Pure Health. I am in my first trimester of pregnancy and have had extreme morning sickness. After my first treatment, I walked out to the car where my mom was waiting, my mom immediately started crying. She told me how much better I looked and my complexion was so much better. My morning sickness is

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