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TNT Liniment Testimonials

The following are testimonials from actual patients who used TNT Liniment™.  Of course, results may very.  The purpose of these testimonials is to illustrate the experiences our patient have had using TNT Liniment™.


  • Thank you so much for the TNT Liniment™.  I used it last night and this morning my finger already feels better
  • I’m using the TNT Liniment™ everyday and am beginning to notice a difference in the muscle area around my left thumb as well as the swelling / tightness in my ring finger.  Sometimes I forget to use it in the morning but I definitely use it at night.  I’ve become addicted to it!!
  • My daughters hand was accidentally closed in the car door and it began to swell and discolor.  Minutes after applying the TNT Liniment™, the color normalized and the swelling went down. The next day you couldn’t even tell it had happened.
  • My sister had a migraine while staying with us so I put some TNT Liniment™ on her neck and the migraine went away almost immediately.
  • I have scoliosis and have constant hip pain.  The pain was relieved in less than five minutes after applying the TNT Liniment™.
  • A few of my joints are like loose door hinges.  Before I finished using my first bottle of TNT Liniment™ the ligaments in my joints became much more stable.
  • The TNT Liniment™ is softening arthritic joints that have been deformed for years.
  • I hurt myself playing football and remembered I had the TNT Liniment™ so I started using it and now my thumb feels great.