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Large Bruise

I had hurt myself at work and due to being on blood thinners for my blood pressure had an extremely large bruise. It was approx the length of my forearm and as wide as my hand on my right abdomen and hip. It looked so bad I nearly canceled my appointment with Pure Health. BOY am I GLAD I didn’t!!  After my acupuncture treatment Chris very gently taped over the area with special blue tape in a fan pattern. I noticed immediately it felt like a gentle truss taking some pressure off the area and reducing my pain. By the next morning the bruise looked so much better.  Chris had said the taping would help direct the blood away from the area toward the lymph system. By day 3 I could barely tell I had a bruise. The last time I had such a bad bruise it took 4 weeks to dissipate. Thank you Chris for your special sports medicine tape training. I will gladly recommend you and Pure Health Acupuncture to anyone. It’s obvious you care AND more importantly, YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF !!

–Brian, Terre Haute, Indiana