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Low Back Pain for 5 Years

I have suffered with very bad pain on the lower right side of my back for the past five years.  I have had several steroid injections and also ablation of vertebral nerves during that time.  Both procedures were extremely painful and the pain relief did not last.  In fact, over the past few years I’ve had to increase my pain medication.  During the past year I had to take pain medication every 3-4 hours just to be able to tolerate everyday activities.

After my second visit to Pure Health Acupuncture I was having the same or better results than I got with the steroid injections but without the pain of the injections.  And, I have been able to decrease my pain medication to once a day.

Follow-up:  After 5/6 visits I’m happy to report that complete pain relief after each visit now lasts 7-9 days. Thank you!