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An overall wonderful experience! When I first came to Pure Health Acupuncture with a preliminary diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I was in such pain that I could not lift my arms high enough over my head to comb my own hair! After several treatments, not only had my pain disappeared, but, as a side benefit, digestive issues that I had dealt

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Stress, Anxiety, Back Pain and Sleep Challenges

I look forward to this appointment, it’s an instant reduction in stress anxiety, and relief from a great deal of back pain muscle tightness and spasms in my neck lower back and hip. My sleep has improved along with my appetite, and my headaches have diminished noticeably. The list continues, but without giving my entire medical record pure health is

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Liver Enzymes

I can not say enough good things about Pure Health Acupuncture! I wish I had discovered them a long time ago! I am a 24 year breast cancer survivor. I live with metastatic breast cancer and have been fighting side effects of the past chemo treatments and chemo pills I take now. The pill I am presently taking caused my

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Seizures, Migraines, Memory and Fatigue

I have been having issues with seizures, migraines, memory, focus/cloudy mind, & fatigue. Thanks to the wonderful treatments and fantastic staff at Pure Health Acupuncture I am gaining energy, getting my memory, focus and clarity of thought back, no more migraines, and seizure free! I don’t know what I would do without Chris, Dillon, and Bobbi!