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Rotator Cuff Tear

I have been a Dental Hygienist for almost 30 years.  Over that time span I was developing some shoulder problems while working and even with small tasks such as lifting milk into the grocery cart.  I first saw a specialist at Ortho Indy and after a MRI was told I had two small tears in the rotator cuff.  They suggested physical therapy which I did but didn’t promote any better movement.  I was discouraged to say the least.  I was scared of surgery and the potential time off work and potentially grueling recovery.  I asked the specialist if he thought acupuncture would help, he said, ”I support you in that decision!”  So, I came for my first visit.  After acupuncture, Kinesio® Taping, and tuina (Chinese orthopedic massage).  I am thrilled to say I can now continue working my four day a week, and do it will little or no discomfort!!  Praise God!!  I cannot believe the difference!!   AND, I am sleeping the entire night and laying on BOTH of my shoulders doing so!!  Before anyone even thinks about surgery, or any other invasive treatment, they should give PURE HEALTH ACUPUNCTURE a try.  It is the way our bodies should be treated!!

–Tina, Clay City, Indiana