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Week One

Set Point™ Presentation – Week 1 – Slideshow

Cooking Tips

  • Egg Whites: Pour a little chicken broth into the bottom of the pan when cooking your egg whites it will keep your eggs from sticking to the pan and it will add flavor without adding fat.
  • If you’re hungry in the evening and at home, use that time to prep tomorrow’s food.  That way if you do sneak a few bites at least it will be items that are included in your meal plan!  And you’re more likely to follow the plan tomorrow.


  • Coming Soon!

Ear Seeds

  • A few people have called saying their mind is very active at night making it hard to fall asleep.  We’ll discuss this more next week in class but for now if needed you may remove a seed or two.  Be sure to leave the points marked Hunger and Shen Men.  If needed you can remove the Liver seed.  Give that a try first then if the mind is still too busy the next day remove the Kidney seed.  Points may be viewed in the Week 1- Slideshow (see link above).

Acupressure and Qigong

  • Remember the acupressure and qigong part of the program is as powerful as the meal plan – do not neglect your practice.  The acupressure points may be reviewed in the Week 1- Slideshow (see link above).
  •  Qigong exercises – Next Meeting (Week Two) I will be giving handouts to make these  easier to remember.