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Hives with Unbearable Itching

I had hives on my legs for several weeks with almost unbearable itching.  My doctor prescribed oral steroids and injections as well as 2 different antihistamines all of these only helped a little.

Chris suggested I try his Skin-2 topical paste and it stopped the itch immediately.

That day my wife also decided to purchase the Empowered Dit Da Jow (now called TNT Liniment) for her joint pain.  It helped her so much I decided to put it on my hives and see what it would do.  It too relieved the itch immediately.  Then the rash areas began to dry up as the inflammation went away.  And the best part was that because it was a liquid, I was able to thoroughly rub it in and it would stay put and did not rub off when I moved around.  So for the first time in weeks I was able to get a full night’s sleep.

–Keith, Terre Haute, Indiana