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Neuropathy and Drop Foot

I had prostate cancer caused by breathing agent orange in Vietnam.  I had prostate removed then 34 radiation treatments that caused neuropathy in my feet, legs, and arms.  I had a lot of pain in legs and arms, burning and  stinging in my feet.  I had drop foot in my right foot and was having trouble walking.

I went to the VA doctors and all they would do is give me pain medicine, which I did not want to take.  I finally went to Pure Health Acupuncture and after a few treatments my drop foot went completely away. The stinging and burning were completely gone.  I still have some pain in my legs but I’m sure Chris will wipe it out too.

A year ago I would not have thought acupuncture would have helped.  Now everywhere I go I tell everybody to go see Chris at Pure Health Acupuncture.  My wife and I admire Chris and his staff.

–Kenny, Greencastle, Indiana